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KOCHAII was created with a rebellious mission to get rid of boring.

The brand is not for the faint of heart. KOCHAII caters to those with a taste for standing out in the crowd. The designs are a blend of exquisite colors and luxurious textiles to create that one-of-a-kind statement piece.

KOCHAII honors bespoke craftsmanship, and celebrates the mesmerizing fusion of traditional handwork and contemporary elements. This is the philosophy that is kept in mind when designing a collection.  KOCHAII's inspiration derives from many different cultures. Paying homage to the designers own roots going back to the ancient Silk Road, they use distinctive vintage aesthetics from that era and tastefully evolve it to fit a modern-day statement piece. Whether its luxurious leathers from family-owned tanneries in Italy, or their collection of vintage textiles from all over the world, each KOCHAII accessory tells a story of its origin.  

KOCHAII wants you to have an accessory that will be admired by connoisseurs in any corner of the world, because somewhere in a stitch, a bead, a textile, or pattern, lies a reflection of your own rich heritage.

They have started their product line by giving your beloved bestie, your iPhone, a much-needed makeover. Taking a simple phone cover to a whole new level. There is nothing like these phone covers out there. YOU will have it and everyone else will want it! Bold statement pieces, vibrant, and truly one-of-a-kind. Each KOCHAII cover and handbag is designed, cut, sewn, beaded, and perfected by hand, using gorgeous custom-made fabrics with new and vintage embellishments. There are only a few of these accessories available as they are not mass-produced in overseas factories. In a time when everything is replicated and mass-produced with a click of a button, handcrafting these iPhone covers and handbags in the Washington DC area are made with pride. In a city that is known for its politics, they are on a big mission to make it about fashion as well.




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